Perth City Exclusive Guide

Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world but with an amazing balance between work and play. A stunning setting astride the Swan River, a string of pearly beaches close by, and a modern outlook this city exude a heavenly relaxed vibe.

There’s more to Western Australia capital than a sparkling river and great sunshine though. Check out the ultimate guide below for some insights on where to visit, where to stay and some activities to take part in.

Best places to visit in Perth

1. King Park and Botanic Garden
King Park and Botanic Garden

King Park and Botanic Garden is an oasis of bliss and super close to the heart of the city. It’s the biggest inner-city park in the world. The largest part of this park is natural bush boasting a diversity of native birds and plants.

With hundreds of walking trails waving through the botanical garden and picturesque spots of Perth plus the spectacular Darling Range and Swan River views this place has been a hot spot destination for people of all ages.

Some of the park features include play areas, pond, panoramic viewpoints and even a gift shop of a gallery featuring local artist’s talents. King Park is also home to a state war memorial (Kings Park War Memorial) a poignant tribute to Western Australia’s servicemen.

2. Beaches

Sun and sand enthusiasts can choose from a bevy of astounding beaches in and nearby Perth. One of the most popular beaches- Cottesloe is just a 15 minutes’ drive from the city center. With its thriving café culture and clear turquoise water, this beach is a charm for ocean lovers.

Other favorites include Port Beach as well as City Beach which has great children’s playground in addition to plenty of picnic nooks. The shores of Penguin Island and Rottnest provide excellent spots perfect for snorkeling and general family fun trips.

3. The Perth Mint
The Perth Mint

For history geeks, Perth Mint gives an interesting glimpse and a look back to the history of Gold in Western Australia. This Gold expedition showcases the world’s largest coin (which interestingly weighs a whooping 1000kgs), gold nuggets and bullion.

You can take the chance to ogle the collection of gold nuggets and watch pure gold being poured to make a gold-solid bar in the 1899 melting house. They have guided talks which offer breathtaking insights on the discovery of gold as well as the history of Perth Mint.

4. Swan Valley
Swan Valley

Swan Valley may appear barren and dry on the outskirts of Perth, but don’t let the appearance fool you. This area has over 40 wineries and most of them offer a complimentary tasting for an amazingly low cost.

Many of the wineries offer great food too so you can book a tour to visit the processing plants and vines then, later on, enjoy a meal with a glass of wine at the side highlighted by relaxed surroundings. Better still, you can pop in for a chocolate sampling from Margaret River Co. where you can dish yourself a handful of chocolate and see if you can do it fast enough before it melts down your hands.

Best places to stay in Perth

The best place to stay in Perth especially for novice tourist is the Central Business District (CBD) and even more so if you plan to use public transport. 

For a sightseer, the CBD would be the best location since it’s in the center of all top attractions, highly praised museums, historic architecture shopping malls, and entertainment complexes. Here is a wrap of a few places you can stay from a luxurious hotel to simple and cheap hostel and anything in between.

City Perth Backpacker – best budget hostel
City Perth Backpacker

If you’re budget caution while on your trip to Perth, this hostel is the best deal you can cross. Being about a 15-minute walk from the CBD and 5 minutes’ drive from Perth Arena, this hostel offering both dormitory-style and private rooms is in a perfect location close to all amenities and attractions.

Facilities include vending machines and a locker. The rooms are clean and bathroom shared facilities well maintained. You can relax and unwind in the backyard as well as use the shared laundry.

Quest Apartments – best mid-range hotel
Quest Apartments

This hotel has a modern stylish variety of accommodations from self-contained rooms, to one-bedroom, two-bedrooms and studio apartments, both within the CBD as well as the Perth’s suburbs but the latter can serve your needs better especially if you consider public transport convenience.

If you fancy a bit laid back and relaxed environment, they have Quest on Rheola which is equally good and located only 2km from the CBD.

Crown Metropol – best luxury hotel
Crown Metropol

As long as you don’t mind pinching a little bit more bucks off your wallet the Crown complex is complete in every manner. It’s located on the banks of the stunning Swan River and within a 15 minutes’ drive from Perth international and domestic airport.

Each guest room features plush furnishings, high-tech entertainment facilities and generally the classy touch you would expect from a 5-star hotel. They also offer a free shuttle to the nearby train station which is pretty helpful to guests relying on public transport to commute forth and back.

Best places to eat in Perth

From casual café to award-winning restaurants and hip bars, Perth has a wide range of eateries dotting the suburbia and the city center to give you a culinary diversity from both Lavish and cheap edges. Check out some awesome spots you can get your taste-buds satisfied.

Five Bar
Five Bar

Five Bar is located in Mount Lawley and serves right both at their kitchen and bar. With a menu stretching from hefty plates to light bar bites, and a top-notch beer selection Five Bar offers the perfect atmosphere for a leisurely dinner out. The portions are generous yet the prices are affordable.

The laid back vibe is perfect for chugging a couple of beers down on a lazy Sunday.

Alfred’s Kitchen
Alfred’s Kitchen

This is probably the oldest and long-running Western Australia’s roadside kitchen. Their burgers plus the famous pea and ham soup are comparable to none.

The trains pass by regularly just a couple of steps away so you can enjoy a trainspotting moment as you grab your meal.

Cool yeah! You have the complete handy guide to Perth now. This is one of the most popular places of travel in 2019 and needless to say, you must visit here if you haven’t already.

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